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L@s Parcer@s

 Tropical Folk Vibes

A dynamic duo or trio

*Los Parceros play original music, continuing a folkloric tradition of their Latin American roots imbued with Pop music. They also play some of the best musical examples from Latin America and Spain, from Traditional/Folkolric music to more contemporary styles, using a variety of instruments such as spanish nylon string guitars, *cajon, ukuleles, guiro, *guacharaca,  bongos and other percussion instruments.  The band is made up of Abe Dunovits on string instruments and Julian Guzman on percussion. Originally from Argentina and Colombia respectively, both musicians create authentic music without the aid of electronic devices, just like you would see it and hear it on any street corner in Latin America. The sound of the cajon can be compared to that of a Drumkit, but softer.  They blend seamelessly with Guitars. The 8 string Ukulele has a sound that is very close to a *Charango and to a *Cuban Tres guitar.   Abe and Julian have both experience in a number of musical genres such as Latin, Rock and African. Let them take you on a journey of musical genres that include Cha Cha, Cuban Son, Cumbia, Merengue and Spanish Rumba among others.  

Los Parceros have their own sound system, transport and are available to entertain you and your guests in your next party or corporate event, no matter how big or small. They offer very good rates!

Just recently, we have started adding an extra musician for special occasions, so we can play as a trio. 


*Parcero- a term used among friends in Colombia to address each other.

*Cajon- a box instrument with a string mechanism  on the inside front, which resembles the sound of a snare and a bass drum of a drumkit.

*Guacharaca- a traditional cane instrument from Colombia.

*Charango- a small 10 string instrument from the Andes region of South America.

*Cuban Tres Guitar- a three double string guitar typical in Cuba, used to play Son music.

Our music